Cron Jobs – Recommended run interval and settings


What is Cron Jobs

Cron is a time-based job which are scheduled in Unix or Unix-like computer operating systems. You can use Cron to schedule jobs, i.e. to execute different commands or shell commands scripts at specified times, dates, or intervals.

This allows you, to automate system maintenance or management tasks like, to download files from the internet, or to send emails on a regular basis. It is a daemon, i.e. a background process that always runs on the server. The tasks Cron is supposed to perform are called Cron Jobs.

What is Recommended run interval and settings ?

Cron Jobs can be configured to run at specific minutes, hours, days of the week, days of the month, in specific months, or any combination thereof.

On shared servers (End-user or Reseller hosting) Many Servers limits the running of cron jobs to 15 minute intervals, sometimes excessive running of cron jobs can lead to high server load and generate installability at the service level. Cron Jobs – Recommended run interval and settings are some time different for different servers .

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Cron Jobs - Recommended run interval and settings

To the extent that you really need to run cron jobs at intervals of less than 15 minutes, we recommend that you turn to VPS server -type services .

Note!  The Hosting servers benefit from monitoring systems so that if you configure the cron job at an interval of less than 15 minutes, it will automatically be changed to 17 minutes or 18 minutes as per systems resources. By setting an interval of 15 minutes, it will be kept.



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